Gourmania specials program

A brand new offering for our partner venues is coming to Gourmania. A weekly publication of curated specials. Finally a definitive guide is available for Tasmania's food scene. 


Send us your specials and tell us:

 - What it is / feature produce or Tasmania food brands

- Price

- Availability 

We generate a coupon and run your content for the duration of the promotion. 

Coupons are a great way to convert customer sales and because ALL coupons are time limited, it drives a sense of URGENCY. MUST BUY NOW BEFORE IT ENDS.

It's a great way to:

1) Re-engage locals who know you, but don't know your specials. 

2) Attract tourists who are looking for specific things to eat. 

We keep it SUPER simple.

1) $45 p/m + GST (so that's $49.50).

2) 20% of coupon price. 

1) We promote you online to an audience entirely concerned with food. Gourmania customers ALWAYS asked for recommendations and we have an 93% return rate to at least 1 vendor we visit on our food tours. 


2) We mention you A LOT online, via our food influencers, weekly blogs, our curated program newsletters, on our website, Instagram and Facebook. It's REALLY important when it comes to google ratings.


3) From time to time, we bring you visiting journalists and tourism product buyers. Gourmania and Off the table host A LOT of industry folk and the specials program is the perfect itinerary builder for their time in Hobart. Because we have your details, we will send them images and content for publication. Whoohoo!


4) You can plan it in advance, upload it whenever you want and sit back and forget about it, saving you a LOT of time. 

You decide. 

1) Book ahead: You can request customers to make a reservation ahead of time. 

2) Walk-ins: You can encourage customers to walk in anytime, or during PRE-SET times, such as between 11-3pm, or after 9pm. 

Whatever option you choose, we communicate it on the coupon. 

QR codes | Coupon receipts

Each coupon has a coupon number and a QR code. You can scan it with your phone, or just record the receipt number down. 

Each fortnight, we automatically pay you for coupons purchased. 

You don't need to invoice us as we generate a RCTI (recipient created tax invoice) which you can upload to your book-keeping software. 

Good question. 

Sometimes we set categories based on themes we think are popular. For example, Pastry Pilgrimage: a selection of the best pastries in town or Just Grass: fed with no grains. 

Other times, we'll look for what's trending across specials that are submitted. These tend to be quite seasonal. For example,

Mushroom things or Dark after Dark: Desserts with decadence.

And there might be times where the curation team see things that can be fun or described in new ways, like Just Pink Things in February (a nod to berry season). 

If you have a category you want to suggest, by all means, submit it to us!


You can run the same promotion via your instagram and just link it to you specials coupon page (we'll give you a unique link). We convert sales from instagram without you having to set-up an online store and manage all that. We can even tell you how effective your Insta is for conversions. Fancy that.

Gourmania Specials works as a monthly subscription service. Go to Gourmania Specials Subscription page and choose the option best suited to you. We have both coupons, as well as an events/experiences bundle.